Dec 7, 2012

frustrated :(

mood : totally frustrated :(

O' Allah , forgive me for all of my wrongdoings :(

# i'm sorry :(

written by : Huwaina bt Abdul Halim

to : VALOUR syggs~


today,081212, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all sweet and lovely VALOURIAN!

sweet 17 everyone!

first of all , thanks a lot a for all the memories that we , 140 ppl had been through together!

miss all of u damn much!

now , let's pray for our success:)

in btw , thanks a lot to those ppl that had been working hard behind the scene in order to UNITE all of us.

and those peeps are : 

1) Puan Zaleha Hamid

2) En.Wan Mohd Noor Azwadi Abdul Razak

3) En. Aizal Ibrahim

# thanks guys!

# valour forever!

sincerely : Huwaina bt Abdul Halim

Dec 1, 2012


why oh why?
by the time i was looking for that culprit,
he's not there!

before i forgot,ASSALAMUALAIKUM n good morning to non-muslim:)

today's entry : searching for the GUILTY one :$

haha . maybe it's time for me to STOP mess up with ppl anymore.
but, hey, he was the one who started everything.
and now, i'm totally pissed off -_-''
whatever it is,i hope that he'll leave and get out from my life.

p/s : hey, it's my life, not YOURS! do leave and yeah, GET LOST!